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g   r   e   e   k      d   e   i   t   i   e   s .

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Theo James & Shailene Woodley: Divergent Behind the Scenes

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This is the Marcus that Tobias knows. The one who knows right where to hit to cause the most damage.

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Divergent characters - insp.by x

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Why is there a picture of Will and Christina’s kiss scene and there is no video to go with it? i waITED MONTHS FOR THAT SCENE.

Divergent: Will to Christina



I know you’ll get through it. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met, and the bravest too. I know that right now, everything seems slated against you, and it seems like everything is going wrong, but it will get better. I’m so proud of you for what you’ve done, for not giving up.

I am also so proud of you for forgiving Tris, I know how hard that was for you. But she did what she had to. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had woken up and known I had killed all those people. It would’ve drove me insane with guilt. I don’t know how you did it, but you’ve always been the stronger one. Know that I was watching over you the whole time, to make sure you were alright.

I’m cry…



Omigosh we just went to see Divergent and it was the first day here in the UK, so everyone was super darn excited and the cinema was filled with fangirls. It was really cool because all the trailers were fangirl-y too- Amazing Spider-Man 2, some Martin Freeman TV show and the TFIOS trailer twice-…

// willstina in the movie//


I know they didn’t stress will and christina’s relationship in the movie, but after watching it for the third time, I did notice that as they’re walking in to get rankings, (I think after stage one) will hugs chris from behind and gives her a kiss on the neck but it’s literally for a split second and realllllly easy to miss

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