| G.A.L.L.Y |

• 15 or 16 years old
• Keeper of the Builders
• Named after Galileo

The subject appears to have authoritative Alpha tendencies. Lacks natural charisma that other leading subjects possess . Demonstrates a marked hostility towards Subject A2 . Aggressive and volatile; rationality often lost to fits of prideful rage. Highly egotistical and unsettled.

Subject consistently exhibits hostility towards Subject A2 , atypical to peers. Will act imprudently for sake of asserting dominance if threatened. Precautionary surveillance recommended.


| C.H.U.C.K. |

• 12 or 13 years old
• Slopper
• Named after Charles Darwin

One of the first companions to Subject A2 upon arrival. Youth and average level of physical strength qualify subject as non-threatening and largely unexceptional among others. Growth and ability to adapt should not be overlooked.

Unshakeable sense of allegiance may prove worthy of closer inspection . Precautionary surveillance suggested , due to extreme loyalty to Subject A2 .


| A.L.B.Y. |

• 17 years old
• Leader of the Gladers
• Named after Albert Einstein

Subject’s superior age
and experience consistently earns respect among others. Assertive and forceful, the subject demands submission and has thus proven to be reasonably predictable in his actions. Highly dependable as a long-established leader.

Subject is evident authority among all others. Leads with resolute sense of direction and superiority , at once feared and awed by the youngest of subjects.


| M.I.N.H.O |

• 17 years old
• Keeper of the Runners

Experienced and respected , subject has a deep understanding of duty. Continues to show diligence and critical thinking in difficult circumstances. Unafraid of challenging the status quo , subject shows determination and boldness to achieve the ultimate goal.

Strong record of success in environment has established subject as a reliable and courageous leader . Quick and bold in physical ability , subject serves as a model for younger subjects. High esteem in which subject is held may prove advantageous .


| T.H.O.M.A.S |

• 16 years old
• Runner
• Named after Thomas Edison

Subject A2 has experienced total memory loss , and continues to appear disoriented. Demonstrates an unforeseen, possibly unintended, measure of influence over remaining subjects. Progress persists at predicted rate, more rapidly than that of others.

Upon analysis of encounters with others, Subject A2 shows signs of exemplary leadership ability, but also suggests rash decision making and resistance to authority. Some subjects who give him their support indicate progress and growth in strategic thinking. Others could be a threat. Continued monitoring strongly suggested, as observations could be conclusive.


| T.E.R.E.S.A |

• 17 years old
• Glader
• Named after Mother Teresa

Subject A1 has caused suspicion and uneasiness among majority of subjects . Difference in gender and assertions of unpopular opinion have prompted strong distrust in all, except for Subject A2 . They appear to inherently understand one another, but remain confused at the mutual instinct.

WCKD advised to closely monitor development of relationship .


Can you hear me?

I’m screaming for you.

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"Someone cheered, and then someone else. Soon shouts and battle calls broke out, rising in volume, filling the air like thunder. Thomas felt a trickle of courage inside him—he grasped it, clung to it, urged it to grow. Newt was right. Tonight, they’d fight. Tonight, they’d make their stand, once and for all.

Ki Hong Lee promotional photo for The Maze Runner Movie

Ki Hong Lee promotional photo for The Maze Runner Movie

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